In4Suite® Bags 2 More Awards From Finances Online

In4Suite® Awards

Numerous businesses and thousands of users trust In4Suite® as their go-to ERP solution for their real estate business. With a presence in over 21 countries, In4Suite® is continuously providing businesses with the best features and advanced technologies to help maximize profits. Our clients have been taking efforts and reviewing the product, support system, and features.

Finances Online — the leading online review platform recently awarded In4Suite® with

  1.  Premium Usability 2019 Award
  2.  Rising Star 2019 Award
rising star 2019
premium usability 2019

The reason why FinancesOnline thought we were worthy of it was because of the benefits we provide and differentiate ourselves from other competitors:

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In4Suite® Bags 2 More Awards From Finances Online

Business Intelligence

In4Suite® has seamless integration with QlikView, one of the most popular Business Intelligence systems in the market today. Qlik has been pre-configured and customized to represent an out-of-box solution for Real Estate Developers. This platform also offers the creation of interactive dashboards customized to your needs for core business processes.

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Tally Integration

Integration with Tally is one of the unique features available in In4Suite®. That means you can perform your accounting tasks, import accounting data, and generate reports automatically. Tally integration offers the finance and accounts department with the simplicity and flexibility of using this feature.

Rule-Based Engine for Accounts

In4Suite® comes with an integrated rule-based engine to configure and automatically post transactions directly into accounting. All vouchers are auto-created with appropriate Groups and Ledgers as per standards defined without human intervention. It is a huge move forward as the need for a physical human being to create a voucher in accounting is removed.

Template Creation and Tight Integration with MS Office

MS Word can be used to create templates with unique tags provided from the product to auto mail merge and create the appropriate letter or output required. It is a unique self-driven feature that a user can create and auto-fill letters, communicate to clients and vendors through the system.

Hybrid Saas Architecture

In4Suite® supports a unique hybrid SaaS approach where some of the integrated components can reside behind the firewall and tightly integrate with the core product.

For example, you might be using a third-party accounting system that can sit inside the firewall on an internal system, and In4Suite® SaaS could post directly to it seamlessly and access the accounting data as required.


Knowing these benefits and advantages In4Suite has over other ERP systems in the market, are you interested in experiencing the most advanced ERP solution for your real estate business? Sign up for a demo here.
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