It is time to accelerate your Real Estate and Construction business with our award winning In4Suite®

Land, Legal, Project, Engg, Purchase, Sales, HR, Assets and everything under one roof!







Streamline and automate business processes with real estate and construction ERP software.

In4Suite® (pronounce info-suite) is our core product platform and is the perfect solution for real estate professionals. It combines a group of integrated modules and features to provide a comprehensive and complete business software for the end-users. While all the modules can be purchased and used, they can also be purchased separately in a scalable way as and when a business grows.

Why customers choose In4Suite®?

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Reduce all the software, service and maintenance costs involved in your business process.

Manages everything using one software

Track your business in real-time, be informed and make better decisions all with just one software.

Increases Competitive Advantage

Crush your competitors by increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Reduces risk

To err is human. So, automate the manual processes and improve risk mitigation for your business.


DRA Homes replacing Farvision with In4Suite®?

DRA Homes , a leading residential real estate developer in Chennai, has been in business for over 30+ years with over 10000+ customers. As the business grew, they wanted to streamline and automate their business processes to make important decisions. They tried our competitor Farvision ERP but faced issues with data credibility and reliability of the software. After a lot of research and discussions with In4Velocity , Ranjeeth Rathod decided to give In4Suite® a try for his team and company at DRA Homes.

Trusted by companies, loved by users.

In4Suite® has been used by 670+ clients with over 98000+ daily users in 21+ countries.

Embrace the most awarded real estate software in Asia.


Want to automate your real estate business processes using our ERP Suite?