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WhatsApp BOT

Why do you need to deploy BOTs?


Constantly available to respond to a request as they work 24x7x365.


Zero investment required in any infrastructure - Works with your existing WhatsApp Business account and sits on top of the In4Suite® ERP solution.


Manage and Setup by yourself to respond to specific questions that you feel your customers may ask!


Reduces cost, time and errors that you might have in servicing customers or if you might be trying to get information for your own business decision making.


Bots can provide structured data in an efficient manner better than a human can and provide this data at scale (you can have 1 or 100 people simultaneously ask the bot a service question. The response time of the bot will not change) - compare this to a human customer agent.

Different Types of In4Suite® BOTS

bot chat screen

Client Services BOT

Our Client Services BOT will respond and act as a service agent that will interact with your existing customers including automatically recognising them and greeting them appropriately!

You can configure this BOT to chat with the customer to respond back instantly to their requests. For example, the customer can ask

A menu chat structure can be configured with a Client Services BOT!

Internal BOT

Internal BOT can be used by any In4Suite® user to retrieve information from the In4Suite® ERP installation about various aspects of your business.

For example – The BOT can be asked – what are my current sales, today’s collections, material stock status, cashflow requirements for the next two months, bank balances etc. The BOT works in real time and interacts with your data to respond via a WhatsApp message.

bot chat screen
bot chat screen

New Lead Gen BOT

New lead generation BOTS are easily deployed to interact with new leads and prospects for your business.

They can answer the most basic questions for new potential customers.

For example – share brochures and photos about a new project with a prospective customer, share floor plans for a unit, build and submit a proposal or quotation to a potential customer, send location and directions to a project site, schedule an appointment for a site visit, ask for a call back, share statutory clearance documents or profiler templates for a project (RERA approval #, sanction plan, etc).