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Are you a fast growing real estate business in Hyderabad and still relying on excel reports & multiple systems to manage your day to day challenges. Well, it’s time for you to move on. Run your growing business on most trusted, secure and complete ERP software you will in Hyderabad to accelerate your business.

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Trusted by companies, loved by users.

In4Suite® has been used by 700+ clients with over 100,000+ daily users in 21+ countries.

Digitally Transform your Real Estate Business

In4Suite® is an established leading ERP player in the Real Estate and Construction industry, helping real estate developers and contractors in Hyderabad move towards an increasingly digital world, and manage their day-to-day activities efficiently.

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Simplest way to manage your construction business

Business Development: Land Banking

The Business development module essentially captures the starting point of the core development process.

land module

Clearances & Certifications

liaison module

Projects Setup & Control

projects module

Leads Management

leads module

Sales Booking, Payment plans, Collections

sales module

Budget Control, Work Orders, Schedule, Contracting

engineering module

Purchase Orders, Inventory

purchase module

Liability Booking, Cash Flow, Accounts, Payments

finance module

Leasing, Revenue Shares, CAMS.

rentals module

Property/Facility Management

facilities module

HR & Payroll

hr module

Reimbursement, Imprest, COA Control

expenses module


assets module

Document Management System

files module

Travel Management

travel module

Business Intelligence, to get deeper insights

business intelligence module

Embrace the only real estate ERP with Qlik’s advanced real-time Business Intelligence solution. Harness upon deep actionable insights to identify areas of improvement, and fix them with our tool.

Be it purchase, engineering, sales or any other business process, keep an eye on the metrics that matter and help you understand your real estate business better.

With our tool and your data, make reports more powerful, dynamic and fun.

Integration with the best tools to supercharge your business goals.

We have got you covered with the third party integrations you need. Connect In4Suite® data with the popular tools that you might be using every day like Tally, Qlik, QuickBooks, SAP FICO, Salesforce, CTI and Oracle Financials.

We have also built various portals and apps(iOS and Android) to assist you and your clients/vendors access data on-the-go.

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Customer Support

Customer Support

In4Suite® Global Support is here to help. We have built a world-class support system to give our customers a smooth and pleasant customer support experience. Get connected to the best expertise in the industry for solutions that your business depends on.

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