Add-ons to automate your tasks better


customer portal

Customer Portal

An online portal for customers to see complete information right from their profile and transactions to referral programs and rewards.

broker portal

Vendor Portal

Vendors can login to their own portal to view information such as the short term and long term requirement of particular goods and much more.

Vendor portal

Broker Portal

An online portal for Agents/Brokers to login and manage their leads and conversations with the customer.

rental pfms

Rental & Facilities Portal

An online portal for realtors to login and have a look at the new properties that need to be rented out.

employee portal

Employee Portal

An online portal for employees to login and have access to payroll, skill management, leave management, etc

contractor portal

Contractor Portal

An online portal for Contractors to login and have a look at the new Tenders and Work orders.

Mobile Apps

In4suite app

In4 Mobile App

A native Android or iOS app to allow the end user to have most of the key functionalities that can be done while mobile or away from the office

in4 customer app

In4 Customer App

A native mobile app that provides a unique way for the end customers to check on the progress of their units purchased.

In4 agent app

In4 Agent App

A mobile app that allows the agent to track all his activities, contacts and history of communication to his clients.

in4suite rental app

In4Service App

An app that helps manage rent and property on the go.

Website Components


In4 Auctions

The In4Velocity auction’s component seamlessly integrates into the website or homepage and displays the list of units that you would want to auction to clients.

Lead Capture Components



CTI is a call tracking software which will help you capture leads you through cold calling. You can integrated the lead details and it will help know more about the source of your leads.


Client Website

If a lead fills out a form on your website, you can see it in our platform using this plugin.



We have integrated Facebook to our system to make it easier for you to capture leads and have it under roof



Linkedin is a network for professionals and you can now connect all the leads you want to target into our system.


Google Ads

Running Google Ads and want the leads to be seen at one place? We have made it easier for you by integrating it.


Magic Bricks

A lead in MagicBricks will be pulled into the platform and then you can update details about them using our system


99 Acres

99 Acres is a leading real estate website where you can find leads for your business and have it integrated in our product.




Integrate business management with In4Suite® using Tally and make your real estate management decisions better


Oracle Financials

Your real estate business's financial flow can now be handled using the Oracle Financials integration into our system


SAP Fico

Financial Accounting and Controlling for financial transactions can be handled using our ERP.


Sun Life Financials

Now handle your finances directly from In4Suite® using the Sun Life Financial integration.



With QuickBooks integrated to our system, you can now track payments and business reports better.


Digital Payments

Make all real estate and construction related payments digitally using our payments partner RazorPay


Whatsapp Integration

Make all real estate and construction related payments digitally using our payments partner RazorPay