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“Your ERP services have been the backbone of our operations, orchestrating efficiency and cohesion across every department. Thanks for seamlessly integrating the gears that keep our business engine running smoothly.”

Suresh Babu A

Executive Director – Business Operations,
ELV Projects Pvt Ltd.
Best software for industrial warehousing developers
“We’ve been working with In4velocity as our platform for the last 5+ years. Extremely happy with its capabilities and would recommend it!”

Rajesh Jaggi

Managing Partner, Everstone Group.

Easing Business Operations
“Understanding the business domain and easy implementation helps us to focus on business and not worry about operations”

Ranjeeth R

Managing Director, DRA Homes.
In4Suite® ERP one of the top choice of Real Estate Sector
“I successfully implemented, and administrating modules like Sales, Engineering, Purchase, Finance and Expense. And observe, a uniform User Interface and workflows which, gives a confidence in understanding the process quickly.”

Imtiyaz Ahmad A

Manager ERP & Information Management,
DB Realty.
“We are extremely happy with the performance of In4Velocity. By automating a large number of our business processes including emails to customers, alerts and reporting – our overall business performance has greatly benefited. I highly recommend In4Velocity to my fellow Real Estate developers.”

Mr. Mayur Shah

Managing Director, Marathon Realty
End to end solution
“This software gives us opportunity to digitalize each and every step we encounter while doing our business and finally consolidating them into different MIS as well as Financial Accounting and Financial Analysis. In addition there are so many options where communications are recorded and physical records in digitalized form are to be stored. This software is of great help.”

Jai Prakash G

CFO, Pyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
“In4Suite® is good in terms of controls, operations and monitoring. It is well integrated and there is work flow mechanism for all transactions, Paper work is reduced and the MIS is very good. All the best to In4Velocity team”

Mr. Adil Popat

CEO, Simba Corp
“We are using In4Suite® since 2012 and we are very happy with the ERP package, the information is readily available on a click of a button and especially the Dashboard and reports are awesome. Also In4Suite®has really helped streamline our processes and manage our time most efficiently.”

Arshia Ladak

Director, Phoenix Market City
“In4Suite® is a comprehensive product that helps our company streamline the business processes and responds to our customers in a rapid time frame. We congratulate the In4Velocity® team on delivering the same.”

Mr.Ramanj NS

Managing Director, Renaissance Holdings
“It was critical in our business to work well between all our departments, we selected In4Velocity after a lot of evaluation and comparisons with other products, and am glad to say it has worked out extremely successfully.”

Mr. Nesar.B.S

Executive Director, Concorde Group
An excellent software for real estate industry
“Complete operations management of a real estate business done. Customer Portal and app very nice tools for Customer delight”

Ashish G

Head Marketing & Communications, Siddha Group
We are glad to have come across In4Suite®
“We are implementing In4Suite® across functions while we are able to manage and view the data from one single source updated in real time. Happy to mention the good experience we had with In4velocity team during the Sales discussion and the Implementation phase.”

Bharat Kerai

Director at Ark Constructions Ltd

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