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dra homes

When DRA Homes replaced Farvision with In4Suite®


Real Estate



The opportunity with DRA Homes

DRA Homes , a leading residential real estate developer in Chennai, has been in business for over 30+ years with over 10000+ customers. As the business grew, they wanted to streamline and automate their business processes to make important decisions. They tried our competitor Farvision ERP but faced issues with data credibility and reliability of the software. After a lot of research and discussions with In4Velocity , Ranjeeth Rathod decided to give In4Suite® a try for his team and company at DRA Homes.

“I am no more focused on process or day-to-day activities. I am more focused on business development and it gives it me to ample time on growth based on the reliability of the data provided by the team. The analytics and the reports provided by the data in In4Suite® gives us a clear cut direction on how we should take our company forward”

Why In4Suite®?

In4Suite® has been satisfying their clients since years and every customer has their own reason to sign up for our product. While In4Suite® is a one-stop solution for any real estate business, DRA Homes being a customer-centric company was looking for customer centricity to reflect in an ERP product. They had a look at all our modules in detail from finance to sales to leads, the Customer Relation Management (CRM or sales) module was what they were impressed the most and was the main driving factor to purchase the product.

The jump from SaaS to Enterprise model

We, at In4Suite®, provide two pricing models to our customers—SaaS (cloud)and Enterprise(on-premise). Since DRA Homes had already used Farvision and wasn’t happy with the product, they went with our SaaS model to see how the ERP would be beneficial and if it will actually reap rewards. When things improved drastically and they saw a good ROI, a switch to the Enterprise model was made and that has helped them maximized their profits since.

The success and love for support

We have always been known for high-class support and service. DRA Homes has been a fan of our support and the team in Chennai. In4Suite® has helped both the management and the team ease the business processes. Our software streamlines and automates the processes such that the management team of the business such as Ranjeeth has to focus no more on day-to-day activities.