How Vensa Infrastructure went paperless using In4Suite?





Vensa Infrastructure, a prominent player in Real Estate and Construction industry, with more than 40 years of experience, worked on a diverse range of Infrastructure Projects across India, including buildings, roads, Irrigation works, and commercial & residential buildings.

Challenges Faced by Vensa Infrastructure

Vensa Infrastructure, a prominent player with a 40-year history in the Construction sector, needed an ERP solution to optimize its processes for adaptability and employee usability. They sought a user-friendly, efficient system that could cater to their unique operational needs without extensive customization.

Choosing In4Suite® Over SAP

Vensa’s management team evaluated several ERP solutions and shortlisted In4Suite® and SAP. They were specifically looking for features like user acceptance and functionality. In4Suite® stood out for its lightweight, intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality, making it an ideal fit over other options, clearly.

How In4Suite® Helped Vensa Infrastructure

The implementation of In4Suite®, initially planned for three months, extended to six due to Vensa’s careful approach. The In4Velocity team’s support, especially from Raghavendra and Rajesh, contributed significantly to the successful and smooth transition. Starting with only one pilot project, Vensa successfully expanded In4Suite® across seven projects, appreciating its user-friendliness and comprehensive feature set.

“The journey has been really good with In4Velocity, and I’m sure most of the organizations across India will be looking at a similar product. I don’t think, there’s a product where most of the use cases are pre-defined in an ERP product such as In4Suite®. For the clients especially in Construction and Real Estate firms, In4Suite® is the product you should look for.”