How Vensa Infrastructure went paperless using In4Suite?





Hyderabad, India

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About Vensa Infrastructure

Vensa Infrastructure is a prominent player in the Real Estate and Construction industry, with more than 40 years of experience.

Established as a pioneering force in Hyderabad’s construction landscape, Vensa has left an indelible mark through its involvement in a diverse array of Infrastructure Projects across India.

Driven by a vision to transform dreams into reality, Vensa Infrastructure has earned a reputation for delivering projects of uncompromising quality, setting benchmarks for the industry at large. 



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The Challenge

Vensa Infrastructure faced a daunting challenge, burdened by paper-based processes, they realized the urgent need to modernize and automate their operations. 

Struggling with inefficiencies and growing demands, they sought a digital solution to streamline workflows and enhance operational agility. 

Their challenge – finding a system that could seamlessly transition them from manual to automated processes while meeting their unique operational needs and ensuring user acceptance without extensive customization.

When Vensa Found In4Suite®

After a thorough evaluation of various ERP solutions, including SAP, Vensa’s management team found In4Suite® to be the ideal fit. Its intuitive interface, robust functionality, and ability to seamlessly integrate into existing operations set it apart. This led to a decision to choose In4Suite® over other contenders in the market.


The Solution

Vensa's journey with In4Suite® initially slated for a three-month implementation, was extended to six months to ensure a thorough transition.

The dedicated support from the In4Velocity team, led by Raghavendra and Rajesh, proved instrumental in the successful adoption of the new system.

Starting with a single pilot project, Vensa gradually expanded In4Suite® across seven projects, experiencing tangible improvements in efficiency and operational transparency.

“The journey has been really good with In4Velocity, and I’m sure most of the organizations across India will be looking at a similar product. I don’t think, there’s a product where most of the use cases are pre-defined in an ERP product such as In4Suite®. For the clients especially in Construction and Real Estate firms, In4Suite® is the product you should look for.”
Deeraj Chennadi
Management Team, Vensa Infrastructure

Take a Sneak Peek at Vensa’s Digital Transformation Journey

Watch Vensa Infrastructure’s digital journey with In4Suite® ERP through our comprehensive case study video. 

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In the above video, Deeraj Chennadi of Vensa explains how they were not using an ERP before implementing In4Suite® and why they decided to go paperless.