Remote Toolbox to WFH: Checklist for Real Estate companies

Author: Varun Tulsyan Date: 11 April, 2020

Work From Home (WFH) has become our new reality now for the past few weeks. Many of us are still figuring out how to make it successful - trust us, it is not an easy thing after years of working from an office space.

But companies and entrepreneurs who tend to survive during a crisis always have a knack to find solutions and making it work.

We were able to shift to the remote space within a couple of days by planning ahead and can say that we have been mostly successful in implementing it as we are seeing great results.

Want to know what are the key ingredients to get through this crisis successfully? Below are the checklists that real estate companies must have a glance to make their WFH successful.

A checklist of key infrastructure requirements

A checklist of key infrastructure requirements:

Internet (at home)

Have a stable internet connection / router so that you don’t lose connection at critical time with your team.

Hardware (at home)

Have a laptop/desktop/mac/PC in place with Wifi or Network Card. A smartphone or a mobile is also recommended with data and required apps and to be connected for emergencies.

Core ERP Application (cloud or on-premise)

You may be using a core ERP application like In4Suite® ERP to manage your streamline your business process. When remote and ERP helps a lot to stay in sync with your team and be updated of what’s happening in the organisation.

Virtual Private Network (at office)

Server Access via VPN (like Checkpoint) preferred to the File Server or Core ERP Application or Financial Accounting System used by Company.

If you are using In4Suite® ERP, please get it configured/get help from our team to set it up securely. Highly recommended that you use a VPN Connection. We recommend this as in these times cyber attacks have been known to be higher with companies being more vulnerable.

Collaboration tool (on laptop/desktop/mobile)

Get a collaborative working setup like Microsoft Teams that allows Video/Voice calls over Internet + Screen Sharing and Chat within secure groups. (Other alternatives exist like Slack).

Backups and Hosting (at office)

Make sure your servers and application data is backed up every night.

Recommendation: use an AWS (Amazon cloud based) disk (EC2) and a remote back up software which is automated to backup to this cloud server/hard drive (EC2) every night automatically. Please ask our team to help you if you need help with this specifically for In4Suite® ERP.

A daily checklist for employees

A daily checklist for employees


Using Microsoft Teams, one can create various groups with specific people allocated to these groups (e.g. Sales, Engineering, Finance, etc).


Within each Group under the Files option, using simple Excel, one can create checklists, todos, action items to be completed on a daily, weekly basis. These Excel files are collaborative and can be viewed, edited by anyone in the same group and everyone can see it real time, within the Microsoft Teams product itself.

Daily action items

Your action items need to be updated on a daily basis which can be seen end of day by the team lead responsible for it.

Video Calls/Voice Calls

Video calls with Screen Share can be used to review everyday work with the teams allocated to the group.

Activity tracking report

All work done in In4Suite® as a result of these checklists can be tracked daily using an auto-setup emailed report - USER ACTIVITY TRACKING REPORT. This report helps the management to increases productivity while not meeting employees face-to-face.

Time Entry

Login and logout can be tracked using In4Suite(R) Mobile app with the in-built Time Tracker feature. The user data can be used via the User Map View in the In4Suite® ERP.


Have a conversation everyday with your team to get an update and for their well being. Easiest way to personally connect is make groups on WhatsApp.

A checklist of tools for clients

A checklist of tools for clients

In4Suite® - Customer Portal

The portal helps your customers to login, check status of project progress (updates on projects can be given in bulk from In4Suite® ERP with photos and videos), payments for dues can be made by clients, check receipts, etc. Clients can also raise requests and queries via the portal in these times.

In4Suite® - Supplier and Contractor Portal

These portals help your suppliers and contractors to login, raise requests or ask questions in a structured manner, check up on bills to be paid/and already paid for tax credits, update status of proposals, etc.

*Shortly we will bring in direct payment to vendors.

In4Suite® - Agent Portal

Agents & brokers can work with you online using this portal. Allows them to see their commissions, submit requests for bookings, check availability stock & block, manage their sales pipeline.

This checklist may help you and your team pivot during this crisis. Incase you have any queries or any questions regarding the tools, you can send us an email us at

We are here to help each other and we are committed to help our real estate fellow community.

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