The shift in work culture from office to home: The journey so far

Author: Varun Tulsyan Date: 8 May, 2020

It's been 1.5 months since the whole CoVid-19 wave hit the country and we still have been coping up with it. Many places have started to ease up a little bit, but most of them aren't, resulting in the employees to continue work from home.

When COVID-19 happened, it instigated an extensive and new work from home culture for all employees around the globe that they have never experienced making companies also realise that 'work' can be done from anywhere as long as you have the infrastructure.

Interestingly, most of the companies have equipped themselves with the required tools to continue business-as-usual. This step has helped them serve their clients in this crisis and assure that business will not be affected. In4Velocity is no different.

On March 12th, we transitioned the setup from office space to work from home. It came with its own set of unique challenges — both for the employees and employers, but we managed to pull it off successfully.

From the employees' perspective, we've made sure that everyone is engaged and motivated as it can get difficult for them. Let's see how.

Equipping with the right software

When you suddenly transition from regular office to home space, you certainly feel a touch lost and demotivated. Lost because you are uncertain of what's going to happen, and demotivated because you are staying at home and won't be able to meet your colleagues face-to-face.

This sudden transition can massively hamper the communication and mental health of the employees. The worrisome part is that no-one knows how long this arrangement is going to last.

So, to keep the operations moving and be connected with the employees, we've created a virtual office through video conferencing and collaboration tools like MS Teams. It is the perfect tool in our opinion that has helped us in the keeping the boat afloat.

There are groups inside the tool that can be a forum for employees to share personal in addition to professional experiences so that they don't feel left out. Respective team leads assign the collaborative tasks weekly, encouraging team members to work together and stay connected.

Fun activities

Further, to keep their morale up and boost their moods, we conduct virtual team activities like online quizzes, contests, connect virtually to require breaks, socialize. These activities are effective in preventing potential burnout and isolation during Work From Home (WFH).

We have also captured the daily routine of our team members in a video showcasing the tips to make the day perfect and productive, even amidst the crisis.

Coffee with Rahul

At In4Velocity we've got a happy hour every Friday. It is a series, of coffee meet-up sessions with our CEO Rahul Chawla, which we call"Coffee with Rahul".

During this session, team members share their lockdown stories, books they're reading, debates over various things happening within the country, new learnings, and most significantly it is catered to assure the well-being of the team members.

Coffee with Rahul

Birthday Celebrations & Recognition.

We at In4Velocity get along to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries virtually to not to miss out the opportunity to recognize our valued colleagues and be part of their special moments.

Recognition within the workplace is quintessential for the overall success of the organization. It's essential to acknowledge your employees for their outstanding work on time so that they feel rejoiced for their contributions. It fuels their zeal to try and do better and earn appreciation from their managers and peers.


Constant engagement with team members.

We conduct periodic surveys to ask employees about what they think, feel, and motivates them. How do they want to enjoy the most virtually? What do they feel about this culture change around work? What changes would they need to cope with?

This helps a company to keep the employees engaged and not feel left out during a pandemic.

Group chat

Encourage experimental learning and knowledge sharing

It's a good time for employees to find out what they need always wanted and a great time for managers to facilitate that. We've formed the teams across the region to find out new things about the merchandise and share and employees are ready to learn new skills and upskill their existing skills within the extra hours that they're getting daily thanks to this situation of engaging from home.


The key takeaway is that we feel our culture really took a positive turn knowing the values of the employees we hired.

The entire world has been hit by a pandemic that has no cure yet, and the only proven prevention is maintaining social distance. Adopting work from home practices is the most viable and responsible way to deal with this situation. It is the only way of sustaining your business in a time of global crisis like this one. By becoming digital, working from home can now be remarkably smooth and productive.

It is not only the role of the Top management, HR, the leaders or managers but also of all the team members to make these measures a success and emerge through this as stronger than before.

Remember to keep smiling :)
We are all in this together. #StaySafe #StayAtHome

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