New WFH features in In4Suite® to help you work efficiently.

Author: Varun Tulsyan Date: 11 April, 2020

As we are all facing challenging times, our management has been brainstorming over the past few weeks on how we can serve our clients better while they are continuing to work remotely.

One of the key points that came up was to develop new functionality that will help the real estate developers through and after the Covid-19 lockdown. Keeping that in mind, our product development team has been working tirelessly since then and we are proud to say they have come up some new highly relevant features in such a short time.

  1. User Activity Report
  2. User Map View
  3. In4Suite® Chat + Screen Share/CoBrowsing + VOIP/Video Features.
  4. Social distancing Alert (built into In4Suite® Mobile app)

1. User Activity Report

While working remotely, it is not easy to know what’s going on in the company, especially when you are in top management and are responsible to make sure the business continues to work smoothly even in a crisis.

The first thing you need to be aware is what is happening with various departments and the resources within them. Further, to understand the work done by them during the day to ensure that everyone is being involved and doing their part (without being intrusive and constantly on call with them.

Keeping this in mind, In4 have developed a ‘User Activity Chart & Report’ that displays the activities that has happened across departments for a given period and automatically e-mails the relevant people at the end of the day.


The charts summarize various statistics by Company, by Department, by function and also gives averages across these parameters of work done for a given period. The report is represented in both graphical and tabular format, with overviews/summaries and detailed activity captured as soon as a user logs into the system.

2. User Map View

User Map View

The user map view is a time and location tracker for In4Suite® users. The allows our clients to easily have any of their employees use In4Suite® mobile app to press a button to login and press it again to logout to log time. Along with the time entry, the system also tracks the location (which one can enable or disable if they so choose).

The system also provides a detailed view of the user's login/logout for each day or parts of a day. This is available in a report format. One can also see who has not logged in at all for the day and can be data that can be used in leave tracking etc.

So, during the Covid-19 lockdown, you can know where the person is and be aware if the employees are taking precautions by being at home. If for any reasons, an employee has to go to the site and finish some minor work, you can track and get to know in real-time.

This feature will also be useful in the “post Covid-19 world” when things get normal. So, when a site manager would want to know the number of workers at a particular job site, he can track using this feature and get to know when they logged in and logged out. To know the details of login and logout, the user has to punch it using our In4Suite® Mobile App.

Times where viruses have become a scare, clocking in and out using a mobile app becomes a bliss for any real estate or a construction company.

3 & 4. In4Suite® Chat + Screen Share/CoBrowsing + VOIP/Video Features and Social Distancing Alerter.

Below features are coming soon. We will keep updating you as and when we release it.

In4Suite® chat and video features

These are exciting times and we at In4Velocity are committed to our mission to serve to real estate developers and contractors. We are constantly innovating and trying to make life easier through the software. To get in depth details of the product and the new features, sign up for a demo.

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