What are the components required for WFH to be successful?

Author: Rahul Chawla Date: 30 March, 2020

To run your company from remote suddenly while you were at the office or on-site most of the times is not an easy job. Covid-19 has given a dramatic shift in the work environment as most of the industries are locked down and are uncertain how long they are going to be working from home.

To strive in these dire times, we’ve put together a list of things that we used to make our WFH environment successful. Not to mention that we have also helped several of our clients move to this new work environment by leveraging our current software platform In4Suite® ERP as the base platform.

The Core ERP Platform Rollout


*One can explore other functionalities available in In4Suite® here, that enable remote working.

The Infrastructure Components

While these are bare minimum requirements, we have made use of to make our remote life successful. It can be hard not to see your employees face-to-face, but real businesses strive when they take the right strategic decisions and innovate when they are in crisis.

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