How can In4Suite® benefit real estate companies while WFH.

Author: Varun Tulsyan Date: 30 March, 2020

These are unc ertain times. The world is witnessing something it has never seen before. The employees are working from home, the business leaders are planning how to sustain their business through this uncertainly, and the experts are uncertain of what lies ahead.

We are all asking ourselves: What strategy should we adopt? How do we support our teams and clients through this?

In4Velocity is no different. Our management has been brainstorming on how we can help our clients sustain their business while their employees are working remotely.

In4Suite®, a go-to solution for the real estate developers can aid them in various ways. Let's see how:

Web-based solution:

In4Suite® is a web-based solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The cloud-based software a web browser your front-end interface while all the data gets stored and is made available through cloud-based servers. 

It allows the business stakeholders to access all the information from one point. In4Suite® can help you accelerate your business remotely; all you need is an active internet connection, a browser and a smart device.

Web-based Solution

Scheduled reporting and tracking:

Wouldn't you want to know, as a core part of your management team, what's going on in your company?

Working remotely can be difficult and maybe the new norm for the next few weeks. All employees in the company are working towards the business goals, but not seeing them face to face can get challenging. Thus In4Suite® allows you to schedule and basically automate the generation of various reports on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis, to track the user and business activity.

Scheduled reporting can help a business streamline their workflow by delivering valuable insights without having to seek them out. It can also help companies to identify points of friction more quickly and help make the teams more productive.

In4Suite® is working on giving enhanced and even deeper insights along with visual charts to make remote life simpler.

Customer and Vendor portals:

In4Suite® gives access to many portals for the entire ecosystem that the developers, vendors and customers can make use of while working from home. The portals provide the end-users with various features which enhances them with real-time connectivity.


Mobile apps:

If by any chance, while working remotely, your laptop or desktop shuts down or the internet stops working, the In4Suite® mobile apps can come to your rescue. We have the customer, agent and rentals/facilities apps to keep you connected. 

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are available both for iOS and Android devices.

Like for example, in the rentals and facilities app, the customer can raise a request with the facilities manager if something needs to be repaired within the apartment or the landlord can send reminders to their tenants for payments of rent for a particular month.

The reports within the apps are also generated visually to keep track of how is your business running.

Emails and SMS Alerts:

You can set up alerts in In4Suite® by sending SMS and email notifications to notify the concerned person of an activity happening within a department. The concerned person can be a customer, vendor, employee, or any other interested parties. As the whole company is working remotely, this feature can be a blessing in disguise, as you get notified immediately if any action point is needed. 

For example, you may want to be alerted if the quantity of an inventory item drops below 500. By setting up an alert, you save time and effort by sending an email message to the vendor for reordering.

Alert Configuration

Online payments:

Digital payments integrated into In4Suite® makes life easier for the users, customers and vendors for transferring any outstanding payments without the need to go to banks and send cheques. The businesses can generate various reports and know the financial situation of their business.

Online Payments

Mini Dashboards:

Mini Dashobards

Mini dashboards are one of the ways where business heads can make informed decisions about their departments. Be it engineering, inventory, or Sales; they will get an overview and can act upon it to optimise the efficiency.

As the supply chain has almost come to a standstill in many places, it is the best time for the heads to optimise the time, resources, in turn, leading to an increase in productivity.

Let us help you work from home efficiently 

As we all know, it's a difficult time for all businesses, but if planned and executed correctly, We can get ahead of it. We, at In4Velocity, are taking proactive steps to ensure not only our product and services continue uninterrupted, but our teams can continue to deliver newer features to supercharge your business while working from home.

If interested in seeing how our software can help you in these unprecedented times, sign up for a demo here.

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How can In4Suite® benefit real estate companies while WFH.

These are uncertain times. The world is witnessing something it has never seen more

Varun Tulsyan
30 March, 2020