Resources to help Real Estate Developers Work From Home.

Author: Varun Tulsyan Date: 11 April, 2020

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We all have been challenged by the Covid-19 crisis and prompted everyone to take laptops home as the world becomes remote. Time calls it the “World’s Largest Work From Home” experiment where Work From Home is no longer a experiment but a necessity.

However, amidst this crisis, the world, including our company, has come up with loads of resources and articles to help others. These articles give a lot insights from top experts and publications on how one can increase productivity and boost morale if the remote working is done properly.

Below are some of the resources we found interesting for you to read.

Working From Home

Working From Home (WFH) resources during the pandemic:

6 Tips to Work From Home Successfully during lockdown

While many of the companies have come up with loads of tips, Forbes has suggested everyone to think like an entrepreneur amongst others. Its basically says how you can succeed is by adding value and ‘thinking out of the box’ during this pandemic.

How to keep your team motivated, remotely

As a business leader or a manager, it is important to keep your team motivated, especially when you are not seeing your employees face-to-face. So the question is ‘how do you keep them motivated who work from home’. Harvard Business Review has answers for it.

A blueprint to remote working lessons from China

China was the first country to have been affected by Covid-19 and also to go on a lockdown. An interesting statistic is, around 200 million people were working remotely by the end of the Chinese New Year holiday. How did they handle it?

15 Questions About Remote Work Answered

This is another article by Harvard Business Review answering the most frequently asked questions by companies. This is a must read if you have doubts in any mind of how to make remote work successful.

The Ultimate Guide to remote work

The Guide by zapier gives insights and tips with experiences from over 200 remote workers. This is a perfect read for companies looking for insights to handle this remote situation for large number of employees as it gives in-depth study and recommendations that can be applied to any industry.

Thought leadership

Thought leadership on real estate industry:

CoVId-19 Impact on real estate sector

Anarock, a real estate services company analyses the impact of coronavirus in India and recommends some of the key learnings real estate developers can adapt to in this situation.

Covid-19 resources by CBRE

CBRE has compiled its expertise on implications for the real estate industry.

Coronavirus resources for real estate

JLL, a thought leader in the real estate sector has resources to handle the Covid-19 crisis.

Reviving the construction sector post CoVid-19

Nobody expected this kind of a pandemic and hardly anyone was prepared for it. But what happens when this is over? KPMG gives tips on how the construction sector can revive itself and the economy.

Staying updated on Covid-19 (Government resources)

World Health Organisation

Ministry of Health and Welfare (Govt of India)

The Ultimate WFH Resource Hub from In4Velocity

The Ultimate WFH Resource Hub from In4Velocity

New WFH features in In4Suite® to help work efficiently

Our product team has worked remotely to launch new features for customers like ‘User Activity Mapping Report’ and ‘User Map View’. These features will make the remote life easier while we have new features rolling out soon. Interested to know more about the features?

Tips to work from home during lockdown

Have a glance through the tips by our in-house experts and how the HR teams are keeping the spirits up of our employees.

What are the components required for WFH to be successful

Its the first time all of us experienced remote working and we are sure you must have to. So, how did our company make this work and you could too.

Business Continuity during Covid-19

We started working from home on March 12th, one of the few companies that implemented it from the beginning. We assembled a Business Continuity team and plan be committed to our mission to help real estate and construction companies in bringing efficiency to the business.

Features real estate companies can leverage using In4Suite® while working from home

ERP can beneficial when working remotely from home too. In4Suite® already has some features that real estate and construction companies can make use to keep the business going even during lockdown.

We will keep adding more resources as and when we find :)

We hope this crisis ends soon. Until then, stay home, stay safe, stay strong.
We’re all in this together, and we’re here to help.

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