Implementation Core Services

The Consulting and Implementation teams provide professional services around the core product offerings of Sales/Marketing, Engineering and Construction Management and Rental & Property Management. The systematic approach is driven by our Implementation and Consulting Methodology that consists of a detailed "6-Step approach".

    • Stage 0Pre Implementation Data
    • Stage 1Consulting & Master Data Gathering
    • Stage 2Basic Installation & Configuration
    • Stage 3Training & Testing, and 3rd Party Integration
    • Stage 4Pilot Release
    • Stage 5Production

    Stage 0

    Pre Implementation Data

    • Reviewing the overall Project Plan & Resource plan
    • Templates for Master Data Gathering shared
    • Key process flows shared with client
    • Templates and Reporting Checklists
    • Hardware & Software infrastructure setup
    Pre Implementation Data

    Stage 1

    Consulting & Master Data Gathering

    Activities Performed

    • Process mapping and Gaps identified – Meeting Notes
    • Issues and Assumptions
    • Enhancements and Change Order Specs, if any, with mutual sign-Off
    • Projects to be under taken.
    • Project Charter ( We will be doing module wise implementation, there will be a sign off before starting the module.


    • Users will have a high level understanding of the system and process mapping will be done.
    • Master data gathered
    • Project Charter sign off
    Consulting & Master Data Gathering

    Stage 2

    Basic Installation & Configuration

    Activities Performed

    • Product installation on test server
    • Master data configuration
    • Workflow configuration
    • Print templates configuration
    • User role rights configuration for key members


    • Test server set up complete and ready for training
    • Print templates configured as per company standards
    • System ready for users with access rights
    Basic Installation & Configuration

    Stage 3

    Training & Testing, and 3rd Party Integration

    Activities Performed

    • Training
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • Steering Committee meeting -1


    • Key users certified on the product
    • User Signoff
    • Parking Lot freezed & prioritized
    Training & Testing, and 3rd Party Integration

    Stage 4

    Pilot Release

    Activities Performed

    • Product Installation on Production Server
    • Verification of Master Data, Roles, Workflows and Templates
    • End-to-End functionality walk through using 10 transactions
    • Exit criteria for Pilot


    • Users getting the feel of In4Suite® with all scenarios.
    • Remote users ready for capturing live business data
    Pilot Release

    Stage 5


    Activities Performed

    • Fully integrated Production System
    • Data capturing of all identified projects to start
    • Steering Committee Meeting – 2


    • Critical items closed
    • Production system opened at the organization level
    • All business units to work on the system