Online portals to enhance digital experience of your stakeholders.

Our web/online portals will help you get a better hold of your real estate business and greater control over the day-to-day processes.

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Portals form a way for real estate and construction companies to extend enterprise and include stake holders by digitising the value chain, thereby, providing a much better service and at the same time reducing manual work and managing communication with information flow.


Enhances collaboration of information and interaction with stakeholders.


Pulls together information and applications from multiple sources into one place.


Reduces manual work and increases efficiency in day to day activities of your stakeholders.

Customer Portal

  • Allows the end customer to login and see his profile and transactions.
  • Includes the project progress bar showing at what stage the unit completion is at.
  • Receipts and payments including online payments directly of the invoices raised from the customers bank.
  • Real-time management of solving customer tickets, trouble tickets, and customer engagement.
  • Visibility of contact data for support.
  • Awareness of new project releases by the developer.
  • Rewards and referral programs to get free points and gifts.
Customer portal

Agent Portal

  • An online portal for agents and brokers to login and manage their leads and conversations with the customer.
  • Each agent can be assigned a contact point from the client.
  • Agent Leads, interaction history and online blocking of Units allowed.
  • New project launches and details about the same can be shared online.
  • Real-time Document Management System.
  • Broadcasts to keep the agents updated with latest information.
  • Overview of the commissions earned and paid to the agents.
Agent Portal

Rentals & Facilities Portal

  • An online portal for Rental Tenants or Owners and Property Managers and Tenants - as appropriate.
  • Allows Commercial Lessee / Tenants to view Rental Invoices, Payments made, Receipts created.
  • Allows for the raising of Trouble tickets that automatically get routed to the right department for resolution and tracking.
  • Details of Term Sheets, CAMS (Common Area Maintenance) bills, various legal documents are made available through the portal.
  • Overview of contact information for various groups and team within the organisation.

Vendor Portal

  • Allows customers to have a single vendor view of all their vendors, whether it be Suppliers, Contractors, Architects, General Expense related vendors for things like printing and stationary, etc.
  • Allows the streamlining and digitizing of all bills to be paid to vendors - whether for projects or non-projects related expenditure.
  • Streamlines the taxation related challenges and communication challenges that developers face on a regular basis.
  • Payments to the vendor, Quotations Management, feedback management, etc can be streamlined.
vendor portal

How can these portals benefit the developers

promote projects

Promote your projects online, show real-time inventory, and allow online blocking of available units.


Receive direct feedback and requests from customers.

realtime data

Real time data sharing like demand letter, receipts, reminders.

Reduce paper work

Reduce manual work and go paperless.


Customers are allowed to download and print documents saving time and money.

Online Payment

Real-time online payments for customers.


Transparency between developers and stakeholders.


Provide additional services & products to your customer to build loyalty.

and much more...

Access these portals on mobile

to manage your business on the go.

As the world is becoming more digital, it is important that the real estate and construction companies are able to manage their business on the go. Make your business with our wide suite of mobile apps.

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