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Manage your real estate business anywhere with In4Suite’s Mobile Apps.

We focus on the digital customer experience by helping real estate and construction businesses manage their day-to-day activities on the go.

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A wide range of mobile apps to manage your real estate business.

Be it on the buy side or the sell side of the business, we have you covered with our wide range of mobile apps to help you manage your business efficiently and take important decisions while on the go.

In4Suite® Mobile App

  • Approvals for most Vouchers and Workflows including Sales Booking, Receipts, Expenses, Contracts & Work Orders, Abstracts, Indents, etc.
  • Sales Booking and blocking of a unit with money.
  • Reports including Graphs and Analysis available on line.
  • The objective to build the In4MobileApp is to allow for the end user to have most of the key functionalities that can be done while Mobile or Away from the office, be made available natively via an iOs and Android native application.
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in4suite Mobile app

Customer Mobile App

  • Provides a unique way for the end customers to use a mobile app natively to check on the progress of their Units purchased.
  • Payment plans and making of online payments are allowed via an online payment gateway.
  • Maintaining contacts and referrals for rewards.
  • Viewing and booking/blocking new projects are allowed.
  • Connecting with the Sales executive and assigned account manager.
  • A very handy solution for an end user that reduces the work of customer service reps through self service.
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Customer Portal

Agent Mobile App

  • Agent mobile app allows the agent to track all his activities, contacts and history of communication to his clients.
  • He can review his commissions and view his performance report.
  • The Agent can also block units by paying online the deposit amounts.
  • A method to communicate via broadcast is available to all agents or one single agent.
  • All new projects by Developer can be announced via alerts to Agent.
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Agent mobile App

In4Service App

  • Updates on new project related info
  • Communication between owner & tenant
  • Ticketing management
  • Viewing the Maintenance agreement and its terms and conditions.
  • Viewing of Maintenance bill
  • Updates and viewing of payments made by customer to the owner and printing of receipts
  • Viewing and downloading of all key documents
  • Ability to make payments on the go
  • Alerts/Reminders can be set for all key events
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Benefits of using mobile apps


Attractive User Interface (UI)

The user interface is attractive and gives a pleasure for customers to use the application.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The application is user friendly and easy to use.


High Performance

The application is fine tuned with continuous optimizations and regular updates to deliver high performance.



You will be notified or alerted immediately if there is any action to be taken.


User Focused

The design and functionality is focused to make life of a user easier.



The apps are secure and data confidentiality is maintained.


Regular Updates

The apps are regularly updated and fixed to provide users with a seamless experience.